What's Next...

After we have had so much fun capturing all the fun memories of your family or documenting all the special moments of your wedding day...what's next?  How long will it be until you see your images?  How many will there be to see?  Who comes to view the images? How will I ever choose?!

Have no fear!  I will not lead you astray and I will not leave you to your own devices!  I want to ensure an easy and fun viewing and ordering session for you following your photoshoot. When will we see our images? Usually about 2 weeks after a portrait shoot (ie family, engagement, baby, etc) I will contact you to schedule your viewing and ordering session. (It is usually 4-6 weeks for a wedding...time to let you breathe after your honeymoon...although a sneak peek is posted 24-48 hours after your wedding!)  At the time of your appointment you come to my office and sit back and enjoy a slideshow of the best of the best images from you shoot. Who do we bring?  First and foremost all decision makers should be present.  The quicker the decisions are made the sooner you get to hang your new images in your home.  So if both husband and wife need to be present to make decisions, I want you both here (hint: this usually makes for a good date night.  Get a sitter and head out to dinner before you come see me).  While your children are welcome to come along, sometimes decisions are easier to make if you can focus better with them at home.  When it comes to viewing Wedding images, I like to invite parents, siblings, members of the bridal party if you desire...or want to come solo with your new spouse, that is great too.  Personal preference is encouraged for this viewing session.  How many images will we see?  Well that depends on how many we took that day...it can vary from 30-80 to more!  I do not limit the smiles just because I hit a certain number. 

How will I ever choose?  The process I take you through to choose your favorite images is painless and easy.  I use a process to help you view a few images at a time to make it easy to narrow down your favorites, see them as different collections, and help you decide what and how to hang your new portraits in your home.  I even have some delightful beverages available for you to enjoy during the process (age appropriate of course).