Wedding Album Design

Simple Heart Photography will help you create your first family heirloom. The process is simple and the results are breathtaking!  Relive your wedding day as you browse through your story year after year!

In this day of digital media so many people have their images still stored on a CD or DVD never to be seen by family members, people visiting your home or even your children who would delight in seeing mommy and daddy all dressed up and looking so young!

In the past several years, it is also very common that photographers want to give you the "simple" package for your wedding photographer and give you the highly sought after hi-res digital files of your wedding images.  That is all well and good until you are a newly wed, starting your life together with your new spouse, and there are hundreds or even thousands of pictures sitting on a DVD and you are SO overwhelmed with the thought of picking out a few favorites for hanging on your wall or giving a print to your parents that you bag the whole idea, and still your wedding images sit on that DVD.  All those memories waiting to be seen, shared and re-lived....



So, this is why I created the product line of Simple Wedding Album Design.  The process is easy, painless and soon you will have your beautiful wedding album in your hands to re-live that special day.

(images on film negatives only? no worries, I have a lab that can convert them to digital files!)

Prices start at just $225.  Contact me to set up your consultation appointment.

To see samples of designs check out my Album Design Gallery.