Bringing  JOY back to School Pictures!

I am so excited and honored to be photographing your child's school pictures.   As a mama of five I have some experience with young kids!  I know it is worth it to take a few extra seconds to wipe off the face, straighten the color and fix the hair before taking their picture.  I know the difference between a forced smile and a real smile..and I want those eyes to sparkle with their real smile!  I want you to have pictures that you love of your child at this precious age that goes by so fast!


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Don't just take my word for it! Hear what others have said:

Rachael was easy to work with and the kids and teachers alike all looked AMAZING in their school photos!
Rachael knows what she is doing and how to get even the grumpiest kids to smile beautifully! 
Amelia West St. Ambrose Academy, Founder and parent


We're glad we chose Rachael Meier for our school photography. Rachael is flexible and easy to work with, the students' photos are great, and our parents are happy!   Bob Collins, Headmaster at Lumen Christi Catholic School

Rachael has been taking the class pictures for Little Scholars Learning Academy since 2016.  She never ceases to amaze me with her skills.  Whether a child is happy, sad, or simply terrified, she always seems to capture the best pictures.  As a mother of five, she knows how to get children smiling and keep them smiling all while making it seem so effortless.  Her personality is bubbly, patient, and extremely professional.  Rachael truly has a gift with Simple Heart Photography.
Linda McGowan, Director/Teacher Little Scholars Learning Academy

Any and all kid school pictures are one of my favorite things one earth.  The good and the bad (and my kids have take some pretty terrible school pictures). I love them all no matter what.  The day those white envelopes come home is the best day of the year.  After two years of Simple Heart Photography school pictures I can honestly say they are some of my most prized memories.  My adorable preschool babes and their sweet little smiles.  Rachael is some sort of magician, I don’t know how she does it but when you look at the class composite every single child’s picture is perfect, everyone is smiling precious smiles in each one.  I was commenting to one of the teachers at school about how fantastic they all look even she talked about how Rachael was the best photographer she’s seen in all her years of teaching. You cannot go wrong with Simple Heart Photography. Aimee Fraizier, Cornerstone Preschool Parent

Such details do seem a little frivolous at a time like this, but my kids have NEVER had better school pictures. 
I may be the mother of five of the most unphotogenic children alive, but darn it, they all looked so cute!! Happy Lumen Christi Parent